Signature Classes

We are more than Just A vinyasa Studio! Hot Spot Yoga Oakland is Your one-stop shop for Heated Power Yoga, Strength Training, AND Yin Yoga. 

Hot Spot YO Power Flow

All Levels

This is the hot yogi’s jam, a dynamic vinyasa flow class designed to challenge your balance, energize your spirit and restore your soul. Music and sequence are created by each of our instructors, be prepared for a journey. Expect inversions, arm balances, creative sun salutations, standing balance, backbends and hip opening.  Our instructors will break down advanced postures and offer you all the variations in between. Class ends with lavender aromatherapy savasana.

 Heated. 60 & 75 minutes.

Hot Tuff 

Strength training, Hot Spot Style- All Levels

Weights plus cardio = one awesome full body workout. Drop into your
center, rev up your metabolism, strengthen your core and increase your flexibility all in one sixty minute session! This heated all levels class is always evolving to accompany you on your journey to ultimate functional fitness!

Use your own bodyweight,  blocks, ab wheels and small hand weights (5-8lb) to build strength for arm balances and inversions. Class ends with lavender aromatherapy savasana.

Heated. 60 minutes.

Bubbles & Flow

Level 2-3

75 Minute Hot Spot YO Flow and complimentary champagne toast after class!

You woke up and made it to yoga!

Yes, we agree - you deserve a toast!  Class ends with lavender aromatherapy savasana.

Heated. 75 and 90 minutes

Hot Spot Honey Lounge: Yin Yoga

All Levels  

After a long day of being amazing- every superhero needs a little maxing and chillaxing. Join us for an hour long journey into the softer side of the Hot Spot YO where our focus is on releasing tension in our fascia. Prop up your body with blocks and blankets and drift away to bliss! Class ends with lavender aromatherapy savasana.

60 and 75 minutes

Decompression Session

All Levels

Wind down your day with a special combination of vinyasa and restorative yoga. Practice begins with Sun Salutations and standing poses and ends on the floor with blankets and blocks.

Class ends with lavender aromatherapy savasana.

Heated. 60 minutes.

Rise & Shine Power Flow

All Levels

Rise with the sun, go with your flow. You'll sink into this morning class - slowly bending, stretching and diving into your day one vertebrae at a time. Come start your day off right with us at our 'Rise & Shine Power Flow' morning class. Class ends with lavender aromatherapy savasana.

60 minutes

Hot Spot 26

All Levels

Have an affinity for that 26 posture sequence but don’t like being yelled at in yoga class? It’s ok.

Come here. You’ll experience the intense therapeutic and detoxifying benefits of this practice along with some prana moving vinyasa sprinkled in.

This sequence is great for those with wrist or shoulder injuries- no chaturangas here! Class ends with lavender aromatherapy savasana.

Heated. 75 minutes.