Our Manifesto

We believe life is a celebration.

We believe challenging our minds and bodies everyday will illuminate our true strength within.

We believe in handstands and we believe it takes lots of falling down to get there.

We believe in the joys of drinking champagne and we believe in the healing power of sipping  broth.         

We believe in Wu-Tang and believe their music has a place in a modern yoga practice.

We believe in building a community where we can celebrate each other with love and compassion.

We believe in Madonna, the Hot Spot Patrona.

We believe in ab wheels and we believe in The Honey Lounge.

We believe in radical self care.

We believe that with practice all is coming.

We believe in the healing and freeing power of yoga.

We believe in you!

Hot Spot is more than a studio. It’s a community that shares energy, strength, focus and laughter. Adesina and her studio will leave you empowered and rejuvenated no matter how you enter.
— Jeremy

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