Our Manifesto

We believe life is a celebration.

We believe challenging our minds and bodies everyday will illuminate our true strength within.

We believe in handstands and we believe it takes lots of falling down to get there.

We believe in the joys of drinking champagne and we believe in the healing power of sipping  broth.         

We believe in Wu-Tang and believe their music has a place in a modern yoga practice.

We believe in building a community where we can celebrate each other with love and compassion.

We believe in Madonna, the Hot Spot Patrona.

We believe in ab wheels and we believe in The Honey Lounge.

We believe in radical self care.

We believe that with practice all is coming.

We believe in the healing and freeing power of yoga.

We believe in you!

Hot Spot is more than a studio. It’s a community that shares energy, strength, focus and laughter. Adesina and her studio will leave you empowered and rejuvenated no matter how you enter.
— Jeremy

Upcoming Workshops

Yin Yoga & Essential Oils Workshop with Madoka Hara | Sunday, May 14 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Celebrate Mother's Day with this nourishing Yoga & Essential Oils workshop! 

Learn how to deepen your yoga and wellness practice with the help of Essential Oils. During the class we will move through a series of Yin Yoga poses with the assistance of therapeutic grade doTERRA Essential Oils. 

Yin yoga is a slow paced yoga practice featuring long luxurious holds in forward folds, hip openers and supported inversions. This is a non-heated class (the room will be gently warmed beforehand) using lots of props to ensure you are comfortable and able to experience a deep release in areas of the body that we habitually hold tension and tightness. Each pose will be paired with an oil so you can learn about the benefits of the oils, one deep breath at a time :) We will have a Q&A afterwards to learn more about oils and their various uses/benefits. 

Class is all levels Yin Yoga. 

$30 Early Bird (ends Thursday, May 11th!) 
$35 Regular

Art of Assisting Workshop with Leanna Henning | Saturday, May 20 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Calling all Yoga Instructors! This 2 hour workshop is an intensive training for current and aspiring teachers looking to add assisting into their classes. Using the alignment principles of Tadasana, you will learn how to give an impactful assist for every posture in a traditional vinyasa sequence. Be ready to give and receive assists as well as feedback that is specific, honest, and effective. Learn what you and your students have to gain from offering assists, and discover simple, empowering techniques to foster connection, invite playfulness, or deepen the experience of a posture. Explore how you can be of service to others through the art of assisting!

$30 for members | $40 for non-members
Sign up today to reserve your spot!

Kundalini Yoga for Prosperity with Shirley Johnson | Saturday, June 3 1:30 - 3:30pm

Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness. Through the Kundalini Yoga technology, we learn how to connect with our souls and merge with the Infinite. Yogi Bhajan taught many kriyas and meditations that were specifically for prosperity and abundance. We are very thankful to have these technologies as tools to support us through life and through times that may seem financially difficult or lacking. Kundalini Yoga helps us to connect with our kundalini energy or sexual energy and channel it toward the Infinite, allowing our lives to be a declaration of abundance.

Join Shirley Siri Pritam Johnson for a special Kundalini Yoga class on prosperity, come prepared to challenge your physical and mental bodies and to experience the power within you to align with prosperity. All levels and experiences with yoga are welcome - including beginners!

$35 for members | $45 for non-members

Beginner Belly Dance Workshop with Aerynn | Saturday, June 17 2:00pm - 4:00pm

This beginner workshop will be a fun and challenging way to become more familiar with basic belly dance technique, posture, language, and execution. Workshop will include a juicy warm up, basic drills, and a short choreography. No dance experience necessary! 

Early Bird Special $20 before May 11!
$25 after May 11

Early Bird Special $30 before May 11
$35 after May 11