Ready to take your practice to the next level?

You love your yoga, don't you?
You've been thinking about diving deeper, haven't you?

You're starting to imagine what your sequences and themes would be, right? We think it's time to take the next step. Join us for this 8-week foundational teacher training program.




October 4 - November 24, 2019

8 weekends Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

Friday 6:15pm-9:00pm at the 24th Street Location

Saturday 12pm-8pm at the Park Blvd Location

Sunday 12pm-5pm at the 24th Street Location


What you’ll learn


🔥 History of Yoga
🔥 Yoga philosophy: 8 limbed path
🔥 Sacred texts
🔥 Yoga Mythology
🔥 Anatomy- energetic & physical anatomy
🔥 Posture clinics
🔥 Prenatal yoga
🔥 Pranayama
🔥 Meditation
🔥 Hands On Adjustments & Assists
🔥 Yoga For teens
🔥 Kundalini yoga
🔥 Chakras
🔥 Stepping into the seat of the teacher
🔥 Giving & receiving feedback
🔥 How to develop your own teaching style
🔥 Using props in class
🔥 Business of Yoga
🔥Yin Yoga
🔥Teaching arm balances and inversions

Completing the 200 hour teacher training program at Hot Spot Yoga with Adesina was one of the most fulfilling endeavors I’ve ever undertaken! I expected to learn about the asanas/ poses but I was blown away by the depth and breadth of knowledge Adesina has, and felt humbled to learn alongside the incredible yogis I met within the program. She is authentic in her practice and her joy is so palpable that it was impossible not to feel inspired, encouraged, and engaged with every lesson. I also appreciated the guest teachers who offered a glimpse into the possible fields of specialization and broadened our awareness of what it could mean to teach yoga. I would highly recommend this teacher training program to anyone who is interested in understanding the joy that yoga practice brings to one’s life and beyond!



$500 non-refundable deposit to reserve your space

Early Registration: $2650 paid in full by July 31st

Standard Rate: $2950 balance due by September 27th

Payment Plan: $3150 must be paid in full by November 15th

**Exact monthly payments depend on when you sign up. The monthly payments will be automatically charged on the 15th of each month to your credit card. You will need to save your card information in your MindBody profile to be used for the monthly payments. Payments (after deposit) for this training must end by November 24, 2019.

Let me begin by saying that Adesina is way more than a yoga teacher. Being in her presence these past few months has been nothing but a privilege beyond my highest expectations to not only learn with her but also grow with her as a person beyond my yoga mat. Watching Adesina’s pure joy and eager to teach and spread her teaching to all around her is both inspired and humbling. Adesina put together a safe space for a handful of individuals each walking their own separate paths to grow and realize that the light they all have burning inside of them is magical. She literally is a bright candle flame reaching to light any wick that seems to dim or is in need of a hand. I will always remember this training when I need to be reminded of the human capacity  for kindness, compassion, connectedness, and authenticity. Thank you for transforming my life on and off the mat. This is definitely an experience I would repeat again a thousand times in a heartbeat.

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A $500 deposit is required to reserve your spot in the program.
Your payment is due in full by the early registration dates to receive your discounted rate.