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THE SUN PORTAL : A Summer Solstice Mini Retreat Flower Medicine, Kundalini Yoga, Cacao Ceremony, & Healing Sound Bath

  • Hot Spot Yoga Oakland 2008 Park Boulevard Oakland, CA USA (map)

“The Summer Solstice is one day when the sun is at its ecstasy and the power of prana is the maximum so that you can be enriched with that vital primal force so that your destiny can be rewritten.”

- Yogi Bhajan

The Summer Solstice is a very powerful time of year. In the Kundalini Yoga community, we celebrate this high vibrational time gathered in community practicing the ancient technology of Kundalini Yoga and other practices to align us with the energy of the Sun. Join us for this very special workshop at Hot Spot Yoga exploring herbalism for Summer Solstice with Danielle Elaine (@danielleelainebenjamin) of Sweet Source Botanicals, Kundalini Yoga + Meditation for Radiance with Shirley Johnson (@soulisticwellness), and a divine cacao ceremony and sound healing with internationally touring vocalist Sonia Kreitzer (@doepaoro).

More about Cacao Ceremony

Cacao is the seed that chocolate is derived from and is hailed as a superfood for it's high source of antioxidants and magnesium. In addition to it's physical health benefits, it is cherished for it's mental health benefits: cacao contains a naturally occurring neurotransmitter called "anandamide," alternatively known as the "bliss molecule" because it elevates the mood, promoting a sense of joy and pleasure within.

The power of Cacao has been understood for thousands of years , dating back to the olmecas circa 1500 B.C. Ancient Mayans venerated cacao as a symbol of abundance, and it was used in religious rituals dedicated to Quetzalcoatl. Today, we continue that tradition of honoring Cacao ceremoniously, working with it intentionally as a plant ally, and awakening the power of the cacao through intentional breathwork and movement series.

Cacao is a wonderful way to move stagnant energy, work through creative blocks, begin to shift out heartache and remember your natural inheritance as a joyful and inspired spirit. Working with this plant in community is deeply profound. In our workshops together, we enjoy Cacao as a warm drink, similar to a bitter version of a Hot Chocolate.