Relax & RENEW

Hot Spot Yoga Oakland Relax and RENEW

530 24th st.| Nov.11th | 1pm to 3:30pm

This is a practice for everybody who experiences the effects of stress and, wants to practice self-care by restoring, renewing, their body and mind to cultivate greater harmony. You will enjoy supported poses with bolsters, blocks, and other props along with conscious breathing to create a deep cradling of the body to encourage healing & greater ease during any transition.

This practice will be guided by the divine sounds of Shree Shyam Das, playing the Halo drum, which creates a divinely mystical space for this practice to unfold. All levels and abilities welcomed, including pregnancy. You will learn tools for living in a stressful world through deeply held postures, meditation, and pranayama.

Hot Spot Yoga Oakland Plants and Pranayama

Plants and Pranyama

The purpose of this workshop is to educate students about Yoga and how medical Cannabis can enhance a personal practice and provide a greater quality of life.

What will students learn? Students will learn the basics to a personal yoga practice, benefits of essential oils, and an introduction to medical Cannabis. There will be a guided discussion about THC/CBD and different ways to consume them safely and productively during their time on and off the mat. 

 During class there is the option to partake in THC/CBD infused topical ointments and sub-lingual tinctures. Students who wish not to consume will still receive plenty of useful information.

What should students bring and wear? Comfortable breathable clothing, PLENTY of water, & a mat.